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* [ Building a wiki in .NET Core, stream of what developer is doing while programming - April 14, 2018] - Very chatty, not as focused as a written tutorial. 2019/5/26 Code repository - * Last update 11 monthsa ago, some updates 4 months ago. * Got an error when downloaded and tried to run. It got a compile error. A wwwroot/lib directory is missing. * Does not support a full wikitext. Has feature supported to make links out of camel cased names . * Other videos by csharpfritz This is in series fro Corewiki, but is just him rambling on wtih Kathleen Dollard - === HTML On Razor Pages === * Google query: html checkbox html button razor pages button * [ Video of multiple buttons on an ASP.NET page] === Doing a login function on an ASP.NET core project === ==== Google queries for .NET Core login tutorials ==== * razor pages access password * ==== Articles about Razor Page Login ==== * [ ASP.NET Core Razor Pages - Simple Login Using Entity Framework Database First Approach] Start with creating its own database for the project (using a stored procedure)

* [ Project to make a fixed username and password for login in ASP.NET Core 2 using Authentication and Authorization (NOT Identity)] Really minimal login/logout * [ Introduction to Identity on ASP.NET Core] Allows for external login providers such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft Account and Twitter Can be configured using SQL Server database Using identity to register, login in, and log out a user.

* [ Create an ASP.NET Core app with user data protected by authorization] Sample app is a contact list created by users This tutorial shows how to create an ASP.NET Core web app with user data protected by authorization. It displays a list of contacts that authenticated (registered) users have created. There are three security groups: * Registered users can view all the approved data and can edit/delete their own data. * Managers can approve or reject contact data. Only approved contacts are visible to users. *** Administrators can approve/reject and edit/delete any data.

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